The design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.

Two things that go together with us are fashion and passion.

We pride ourselves to be toting that fine line between traditional and modern.

We are a fusion clothing brand, we chose the comfort of traditional attire and blend it with the trendy appeal of modern western wear.

Our aim is to provide a solution for every woman. Not just any solution, but a trendy, comfortable solution, that will stand the test of time, and society.

We are able to walk close to perfection, because

We Print

We Choose

We Stitch

We Obsess

we handle the block printing ourselves, we source the right mix of materials, breathable textiles, that are easy to maintain, and don’t lose their sheen over time.

We have in-house tailoring services, where we offer all our customers not just off the shelf designs, but also a custom fit, tailored and alterable choices.

In short, we are all about trendy Indo-Western wear, and we focus on fit, comfort, flexibility, customization, and choice.

We will not just pamper you, we will see to it that our clothes will be like a second skin to you.